Monday, February 1, 2010

Marketing Summit 2010: An Inside Look

This is the first in a series of blogs from students participating in the Market Summit as part of the Wake Forest University's Schools of Business. There will be additional internal blogs in coming days designed to provide a look inside the workings of the summit's home team.

This inaugural perspective is from Joe Parry, a second-year full-time MBA candidate who is also president of the Student Government Association. Click here for a more-detailed profile of Joe and his personal and professional background.

For more on the summit, up-to-date notices will be available here (and at the event's official Web site starting on Thursday).


It is just a few days before the Wake Forest Marketing Summit kicks off and I’m eager for the competition to begin. This is one of the premier MBA case competitions in the world and I am really proud of our WFU Schools of Business student leaders that are hosting this competition. More than 50 Wake Forest business students are involved with the myriad preparations, and they are doing a world-class job.

Meanwhile, over at the “Hall of Justice” (pardon the cheesy Superfriends reference), the Wake Forest case team has been busy breaking down case sponsor IBM’s various business units, reviewing challenging marketing and strategy cases, and creating a wonderful team chemistry that will serve us well in the waning hours of the 36-hour case competition. We will be competing against some of the best MBA talent from across the globe, and Wake Forest will definitely be bringing it’s A-game. I’m honored to be competing and look forward to a great Marketing Summit weekend.

If our team is fortunate enough to take home the grand prize, my wife and I will use our portion of the prize for a lengthy Mediterranean cruise after business school graduation with the rest going towards a down payment on a new house.

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