Friday, December 23, 2011

An Awesome upgrade!!

As we enjoy the holiday season and look forward to a few weeks of relaxation, with minimal school work planned on our minds and calendars, I am sure that the Charlotte students are also looking forward to the major upgrade that is the brand new uptown center. And what an upgrade it is!
The holiday party gave us the first opportunity to explore the new uptown center. From the magnanimous, but artistic, reception area to the magnificently marbled break room and the thoughtfully detailed class and study rooms, the exuberance of energy and modern infrastructure has impressed us all beyond our imaginations. Oh and how timely it is! The nerve wracking exams and the plethora of projects and assignments throughout the semester had left us all a bit weary and exhausted. So Wake Forest gave us the perfect gift with the major upgrades in terms of well, everything!
The party thrown in the celebration was worth as much applause. The food and drinks were great, and so was the hospitality of the staff. We could tell how excited they all were about the commemoration of the new center, and it was great to share in that excitement.
I didn’t think I would be saying this (especially after exams), but I am already excited to start the new semester; and the new uptown Charlotte center has everything to do with that! Kudos to the Wake Forest team for making it happen!