Monday, February 8, 2010

Marketing Summit 2010: Fostering Relationships

Wake Forest's marketing summit was "executed with precision.” The event was very well-organized and the competition was stiff. From beginning to end, every small event involved big names, high sophistication and warm collaboration. But, in my view point, this mega event will be remembered for one term - relationships.

Every stake holder, volunteer, participant, team, sponsor, coordinator and staffer involved in this event must have developed new relationships of varying nature. To speak for myself, I connected with new executives from the sponsoring companies, volunteers across the various programs, members of participating teams, and a couple of professors. (I hope all of my volunteer friends are witnessing new friends' requests in their various social networking accounts.)

I propose that all of us when evaluating this event should count the "relationship" factor.

Of course, the effectiveness of these newly developed relationships will depend upon how much we invest in these relationships, but this chapter of Marketing Summit, surely, more than satisfied each one of us looking forward to network, collaborate & make new friends.

Hopefully the next chapter of the event provides each of us with further opportunities to foster relationships.

Rahul hanging out with the team from IESE (Barcelona) ~ photo courtesy of Elizabeth Laws.

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