Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Benefiting From a Smaller University

Wake Forest MBA Staff - Courtney Cashin

One of the best things about attending a small graduate school is the continuous support  from alumni. On Friday, the Board of Visitors visited Wake Forest and all of the MA students had the opportunity to meet with top-level executives over free lunch!

We were divided into groups of five to eight students to dine with one or two executives. Board members were at Wake for meetings but took a break from their busy schedule to learn firsthand about the MA program.

The Career Management Center matched students and executives with similar interests. I was fortunate enough to have lunch with Kerry Graham, president of BOHAN Advertising. Kerry has a daughter graduating from Wake undergrad, so he was very interested in learning more about the MA program. After we tried to convince Kerry to get her to apply, he spent a couple of minutes asking each of us about our personal aspirations and giving us advice about how to pursue our career goals.

If Wake Forest was a larger school, this small meet and greet may not have been possible. Since it is smaller, alumni are always willing and excited to talk to students and help in any way possible when they visit.

~Lauren Collins

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