Friday, June 8, 2012

Wake Forest Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Vice President for Personal and Career Development Andy Chan with members of the Class of 2012 (photo credit: D.L. Anderson for The Wall Street Journal)
Photo Credit: D.L. Anderson, Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal recently featured Wake Forest University in an article, recognizing the school for its decision to make personal and career development a vital part of the college experience.

The article, “Colleges Get Career-Minded,” appeared just one day after Wake Forest's commencement ceremony, highlighting the relevance of the university's Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise minor in today’s job market.

The article also examined the importance of engaging faculty in preparing students for life after college, and the demand for an ongoing national conversation as evidenced by the recent “Rethinking Success” conference on campus.

You can go here to see Condoleezza Rice's speech on education at this year's "Rethinking Success" conference.

The article quoted Andy Chan, vice president for Personal and Career Development, and Lesley Gustafson (’12), a political science-computer science double major. Additionally, a related WSJ blog post featured President Nathan Hatch discussing the relevance of liberal arts to CEOs.

“The transition from college to career has always been difficult for students, and the world of work has been fundamentally transformed,” Hatch said in a press release issued by the university. “I’m honored that The Wall Street Journal publicly recognized Wake Forest as a leader in creating a supportive ‘college-to-career’ community of faculty, parents and advisors. We believe personal and career development are integral in guiding and inspiring our students to lead lives of purpose.”

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