Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quotes of the Week: Migraines and CEO Swaps

Here is the latest installment of key quotes from Wake Forest faculty, on topics ranging from migraines and productivity to the fiasco at Duke Energy involving its CEO switch.


"I think they’re worried about their own butts. What I really am concerned about is that the utilities commission bends over the other way and gets so involved in the operations of the company that it screws up the company also."
~ Dan Fogel, professor, discussing the North Carolina Utilities Commission's
 interest in the Duke CEO fiasco in the Charlotte Observer


"One survey put migraine sufferers about twice as likely to be earning less than $22,500 as they are to be earning more than $90,000. This could be a result of them missing work, choosing — or being forced into — lower paying occupations, or likely some combination of all three."

~ Adam Hyde, visiting professor at Wake Forest,discussing migraines
and the workplace with the Winston-Salem Journal

"It'll help the company keep its cost of capital under control. It gives them more flexibility. It's also a clear signal by the banks that HanesBrands has earned a better credit rating. In general, that's a positive signal about the company's business overall."

~ Michael Lord, professor, on HanesBrands' decision to negotiate
a new line of credit, in the Winston-Salem Journal

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