Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Discovering Meaningful Innovation

Wake Forest University Schools of Business and The CFO Alliance will hold a breakfast and roundtable discussion titled, “Game Changers: How to Make Innovations that Matter,” on Wed., Jan. 26 at 7:30 am, at the Carmel Country Club in Charlotte.

The discussion will be led by Ram Baliga, the John B. McKinnon Professor of Management at Wake Forest University Schools of Business. Baliga is frequently recognized by news media and the academic and business communities for his teachings on strategic frameworks and innovation.

“Our CFOs are eager to share their experiences concerning innovation, and the opportunity to have Dr. Baliga as part of our community and challenge us to think differently will undoubtedly bring forth new insights from our members on this critical subject,” said Nick Araco, the alliance’s co-founder and CEO. “Too often in business, we think of innovation as being created in a laboratory. However, the act of turning innovation into competitive advantage really belongs to the finance discipline.”

Baliga will lead CFO participants through a discussion on:
• Strategy vs. model: Why it matters for purposes of innovation
• Why most conventional business models fail
• What the difference has meant to specific industries
• How to generate and implement new models for competitive advantage

Wake Forest became an academic partner of The CFO Alliance in 2009. The CFO Alliance was founded by finance and accounting executives to provide themselves with a networking platform to discuss critical opportunities and challenges. Alliance members serve either in management or executive-level positions in publicly-traded or privately-held companies around the globe.

The price to attend is $30 for non-members and basic CFO Alliance members. There is no charge for CFO Alliance all-inclusive members and first-time attendees. To register, visit

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