Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wake Forest Co-hosts Forum on Economic Uncertainty

Wake Forest University Schools of Business and The CFO Alliance will hold a roundtable discussion in Charlotte next week to help CFOs forecast and budget amid extreme economic uncertainty.

The roundtable will meet at at 7:30 am on Nov. 9 the Carmel Country Club, providing area CFOs with practical planning tips at a time when economic trends are especially difficult to discern. It will be hosted by the Charlotte Chapter of the CFO Alliance, a national association of 1,700 senior corporate finance executives.

Tom Canace (right), a business professor at Wake Forest University, will lead a presentation that challenges traditional forecasting and budgeting techniques, and show CFOs how to refine them. The result should help senior finance executives more effectively anticipate whatever conditions materialize.
In interactive discussions following his presentation, CFOs will have the opportunity to describe and assess their current budgeting and forecasting practices. Discussion will center on identifying and sharing strategies and tactics to promote better results.
Specifically, Canace will address such issues as whether CFOs should focus on rolling quarterly budgets instead of annual ones, best practices they should utilize to update and deal with variances, how to take into account uncertainty about the markets and economy, capital requirements, and how to design and implement managerial incentives to support budgetary goals.
The ticket price to attend the roundtable is $30 for non-members and basic CFO Alliance members. There is no charge for CFO Alliance all-inclusive members and first-time attendees. To register, visit www.AchieveNext.com/events.
Wake Forest became an academic partner of the CFO Alliance in 2009. Steve Reinemund, Dean of Business at Wake Forest, sees this as a great opportunity to engage with regional corporations and provide useful insights to help CFO’s better serve their companies. “Wake Forest is dedicated to providing thought leadership to the business community in Charlotte," Reinemund said. "We want to continue to build partnerships with organizations such as The CFO Alliance, to provide educational opportunities such as this.”
The partnership with Wake Forest comes as the CFO Alliance expands its organization within the Charlotte area. It was founded by finance and accounting executives to provide themselves with a networking platform to discuss critical opportunities and challenges. Alliance members serve either in management or executive-level positions in publicly traded or privately held companies around the globe.

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