Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer is Nearing … and We’re Still Blogging!

May is nearing, and for many students at the Wake Forest University Schools of Business that will mean a break from classes, except for the year-round evening program. Many of our bloggers will be participating in internships or taking international trips, and we will be sure to keep you up to date. I, along with several bloggers, will be in summer sessions, so there will be more going on even as the temperatures in North Carolina surpass 90 degrees.


Wake Forest MBA Staff - Courtney Cashin Wake Forest MBA Staff - Courtney CashinI want to take a minute to thank all of our inaugural bloggers for buying into a great concept: sharing their experiences to give others a window into the student life at Wake Forest. In particular I want to recognize two MA students who are wrapping up their time at Wake: Lauren Collins and Jen Ratliff. We can only hope they will keep us informed as to their future plans, and we wish them success in everything they do! Congratulations on your accomplishments!

We are also including a release that Wake Forest issued earlier this week, discussing our recognition in and a wrap up of the many events covered by our team over the past three months.

Wake Forest's “Firsthand Experiences” blog recognized by

April 20, 2010

The student blog for the Wake Forest University Schools of Business was recently recognized as a must follow website for perspective MBA candidates. promoted the Twitter account for “Firsthand Experiences” as a vital destination for those considering business school, calling it “a highly entertaining feed that gives great info” about the program. The account serves as a companion site for the student-run blog, located at
The honor caps a busy stretch for the blogging team. In recent months, team members have played a critical role providing social media coverage for the 20th Annual Marketing Summit ( and for the 11th Annual Elevator Competition ( The websites drew more than 50,000 visitors as the events took place.
Since August, the 12-member Firsthand Experiences team has provided an inside view of the courses, programs and clubs within the Wake Forest University Schools of Business, using the blog, Twitter and Facebook. The goal has been to give candidates and prospective students a window into student life.
Paul Davis, who leads the blogging team, said that he first envisioned the initiative as a way to unite the student body and provide an informational resource to prospects. “We are here to help people find out more about the Wake Forest Schools of Business, helping them understand what sets us apart from other programs,” said Davis.
“The best thing about the blog is that it addresses the entire student experience,” Davis added. “One day there might be insights from one of our many guest lecturers, and the next day you could see one of our bloggers discussing community service or an impromptu social event.”
Firsthand Experiences shares perspectives from across Wake Forest’s business school programs, giving readers a complete picture of graduate school. Full- and Part-time MBA students blog, along with candidates within the Master of Arts in Management program. Plans are in place to add contributors from the school’s Charlotte MBA programs and to include Master of Science in Accountancy experiences.
Other members of the Firsthand Experiences blogging team include Justin Berthelot (MBA ’11), Lauren Collins (MA ’10), Rahul Goyal (MBA ’11), Ahkesha Murray (MBA ’11), Molly Nunn (MBA ’11), Jen Ratliff (MA ’10), and Bobbie Shrivastav (MBA ’11).

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