Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Resting on Our Laurels

clip_image001This week we got some good news about the full-time and working professional MBA program rankings. For the first time since 2007, the Full-time Program is back in the Top 50! Also, congratulations goes to Bill Davis and all of those associated with the part-time MBA working professional programs (in Winston-Salem and Charlotte) for being the only school in North Carolina to be ranked in the Top 50!

It took a lot of work in the extra-curricular parts of the program to make this happen. The admissions team really rolled up their sleeves and worked harder than ever to improve the admissions profile of our incoming students and they are doing the same this year. Thank you Stacy, Carrie, Allison, Kevin, Ginny, LaKesha, Sarah, Pat and Lance!

The career management center’s outcomes from last year were also a major factor in our rankings improvement. Salaries and placement rates at three months after graduation really helped us this year. Thank you to Guy, Beth, Mike, Lori and Lisa for all your work to make this happen. Marlane and Emily are doing a great job this year with the graduating MA class. We have wonderful additions to our CMC staff this year (Phil, Hansford, Eric and Janice) and we know they will help to continuously build the success of the CMC.

Thanks also go to Sylvia Green and Courtney Cashin for their work in getting the word out about WFU! Improvements in our website and live coverage of the Marketing Summit and the Elevator Competition were among the many wonderful additions to our visibility this year!

There are countless others to thank and I’m sorry for leaving out those who have worked so hard. Much credit goes to the faculty who deliver great courses year after year and to those individuals serving our students every day both inside and outside the classroom. Betsy, Lisa, Jan, Ronda and Amy – thank you so much for being there for our students when they need you!

BUT, there is still much work to do. Lisa and I spent much of last week conducting exit interviews with the graduating class and we appreciate your feedback and suggestions for continued improvement. As we compile the data from these interviews, there are several major themes which stand out that we will address. In addition to focusing on ways to better articulate the vision and mission of the school, continuing to develop stronger relations with our alumni, and strengthening and growing our recruiter contacts in the business world, we also need to work on evolving the curriculum for the full-time program. This is exactly what we are about to do! All of your feedback about classes, course sequence and experiences within each concentration will be considered as we undergo a significant curriculum review and re-design. Substantial effort is being made to implement necessary changes to the second-year curriculum, to maximize your experience next year.

In addition to the curriculum work, I am excited that all full-time students will be getting mentors next year who will be able to directly help them with career development, contacts and support above and beyond your CMC career coaches. I’m very thankful to Hansford for getting this piloted this year with the MA class and rolled out to the full-time program next year.

So, while there’s much more work to do and we certainly do not want to rest on our recent laurels, I would ask that we all take a brief moment to celebrate our achievements and then roll up our sleeves and get ready to tackle the next challenge! Students, faculty, staff and administration are all important parts of this process.

~ Sherry Moss

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