Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All About Teamwork

A week in to the Evening MBA Program, I am aware of the importance of having a great team. The way I understand it, our group was assembled based on varying criteria: geography, professional backgrounds, Myers-Briggs , etc. Someday I may delve deeper into that selection matrix and relay my findings in a post.
Our first “bonding” experience came during the third day of orientation, where we had to learn about our strengths/weaknesses, passions/ambitions and where we want to go once we have MBAs in hand. Such an exchange of information should provide a solid foundation for collaboration.
My favorite moment was the last group challenge, where we were savvy enough to find the fastest way to flip a tarp without touching the carpet beneath it. Five seconds! (The secret: step onto a neighboring tarp, quick flip, and jump back.)

I have a lot of confidence in our team, despite having the fewest members of any group within our program. Most of us live in Greensboro, reducing the drive time. We have an interesting blend of professional backgrounds: a journalist, project coordinator, project managers, risk management. So far the personalities have fit as well, even after sitting through a five-hour team meeting on Saturday.
The first challenge for us is financial accounting, which is interesting because none of us are coming from professional background that fully immerses us in the practice. We have reached consensus on our group project, and we are ready to get out there and show the rest of the class what we’re made of!
~Paul Davis, Winston-Salem Evening Program, Class of 2011

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