Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drinking From the Water Fountain

It has already been a month since I landed in the United States. How time flies! Finding a place to stay, unpacking and shopping for necessities all happened in a blurry week before orientation. I used the week-long student orientation to orient myself and shift my focus towards business school.

The first two weeks of business school are intense. Everyone feels like they have been "drinking from a fire hose". There are many who hate this phrase, but I don't know why. Maybe because people hate speaking in clich├ęs. But I don't mind using this phrase to define my experience so far.

We are already getting a taste of core MBA courses. Reading assignments, cases, team deliverables, club events, information sessions and social gatherings have become part of our life. All of this looks overwhelming. Nobody wants to fall behind the curve. Time management is key. I like what I am doing, so drinking from fire hose seems manageable to me.

What I do find particularly difficult is drinking from the water fountain. Truth be told, water fountains are alien to me. I don't understand why there are no glasses next to these fountains. I am convinced that it will take me a few more days to master the art of drinking directly from the water fountain.

Stay thirsty and stay foolish.

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