Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet Ron Johnson

This morning, I discovered a website for the Wake Forest University Schools of Business MA program. I found the personal success stories extremely compelling, and I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of them. If you can a chance, you should really take a moment and watch the MA program’s latest promotional video here.


Meet Ron Johnson (MA ‘10), associate product line manager of basketball footwear at Under Armour

Johnson, Ron Ron Johnson likes shoes. A lot. After graduating from Hampden-Sydney College in 2008, he was offered a position to manage a Super Target in Fredericksburg, Virginia. And while it was a valuable opportunity for management experience within a great company, he knew if he was going to pursue his passion for athletic footwear design, this probably wasn’t the best route. That’s when he decided to apply to the Wake Forest University Schools of Business MA in Management program.

In the MA program, Ron learned that what he was passionate about wasn’t necessarily where he had the most experience, or where he could make the most money. It was about what really inspired him. By identifying his passions and purpose, Ron was able to focus all his efforts on securing a career that would fulfill his long-term goals of happiness, development and financial stability – while doing what he really loved.

With guidance from the Career Management Center, Ron was able to build a network of contacts and attend key events where he could meet those with influence in his chosen field. One of those opportunities was a lunch arranged by his career coach with the CEO of VF Corp., who forwarded his resume to one of his contacts. This resulted in a hand-written invitation to interview, by the CEO at Under Armour.

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