Friday, October 30, 2009

Emerging from the Ranks

Good evening, world!
I will understand if you thought your girl fell off of the planet, but fortunately, I did not. I have missed you world-wide-webbers, but please know that I have been keeping myself busy (as I promised you that I would).
Things are going very well for me in the Wake Forest Schools of Business community. Please allow me to debrief you on some highlights:
  • I was elected as the first-year representative of our Women in Business club (we have since been renamed as Wake Graduate Women In Business)
  • My good friend and classmate Sandie Taylor is also a co-chair in our club, and just this past Wednesday she helped to bring Dr. Kathy Korman Frey of George Washington University’s Hot Mommas project to come talk to us about Building Effecting Mentorship Networks Close to the Gender Leadership Gap. Sandie has her own blog and she’ll be posting about the event soon, so please be sure to visit her. The event was so inspiring!
  • In September I attended the National Black MBA career fair in New Orleans and was actually able to land some interviews for summer internships. I will humbly admit that I did not land any of them, but I was honored to have the opportunity (competition was fierce) and I left feeling well-prepared for my interviews to come.
  • Wake has placed in Howard University’s MBA Exclusive case competition for the past three years, taking 1st place in 2007. I have been lucky enough to be selected to compete on our team this year and the competition is just a week away (Nov. 5)! It is my hope that we will bring the trophy back home this year (wish me luck).
  • We are currently in the thick of it with classes right now. Exams are dispersed over the next few weeks between now and Thanksgiving break, so everyone is feeling the pressure, but we have made it this far and I feel confident that we will all come out ok.
There is so much more to say, but I have to run to another presentation. Renowned author Marc Cosentino is here to talk with us about mastering the case interview – it just keeps on going and I love it!
~ Ahkesha Murray is a first-year full-time MBA Candidate.

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