Friday, August 28, 2009

From Delhi to Winston-Salem

The following is a firsthand account by Rahul Goyal, a 23-year-old first- year MBA candidate who last month moved to North Carolina from New Delhi to attend Wake Forest University.

This is Rahul's perspective of Wake Forest, just weeks after he arrived in the United States. Rahul also provides some of his own background as he pursues his MBA in the Schools of Business. We look forward to including more of Rayul’s observations and viewpoints on the Wake Forest student blog.

I am an International student in the full-time MBA program at Wake Forest University’s Schools of Business ~ a highly reputable business program in the United States.

I have an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Hindu College in New Delhi. I began my professional career as a counselor among the quantitative aptitude faculty at IMS India Resources Pvt. Ltd., a private educational company. Here, I realized my interest in financial research, joining Capital IQ Information Systems Indian Pvt. Ltd., a division of Standard & Poor’s, as a research associate.

This is my first time in the United States and my experience in Winston-Salem, N.C., has been quite exciting and enriching. The city seems ideal for students and presents a very rich learning environment. The living expenses are low, people are pretty warm and, unlike the bigger cities around, the environment is very peaceful.

The University has a huge campus, and I was astonished to see the high-quality facilities that it offers the students. It’s easy to notice the congenial culture in the settings, as the administrative staff, faculty, and senior students are very friendly and easy to approach.

Before applying to MBA programs, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a school with small class sizes, excellent overall facilities, competitive faculty, high reputation and great corporate relations. Wake Forest University’s Schools of Business fit all of my expectations. I’ve already started realizing the value following a week of orientation programs.

Orientation was a great learning experience, and every day I feel reaffirmed in my decision to attend Wake Forest. I am more than 100% confident that my stay in this program is going to be very worthwhile for my career and for my overall self. I have a firm belief that Wake Forest will present great opportunities to help me progress in my chosen career path, and that the program will help me develop a holistic vision for my future course.

I am eager to share more about my experiences in the USA while providing a glimpse inside the MBA program that I know will reshape my life.

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